Katherine Wiseman

Kate Wiseman

Icarus and Velvet

Imagine a future world in which most of the land is no longer habitable, poisoned by a long-ago catastrophe and filled with hungry, nightmare creatures. How and where would you live? Icarus’ people – the Avians – have fled to the high places and learned with fly with wings made of sky iron. Velvet’s people – the Subterraneans – went underground, building teeming cities topped with glass domes in which they reclaim the land and grow crops.  Centuries of treachery and mistrust have left the Subs and Avians as mortal enemies, but when Icarus and Velvet accidentally meet, they must learn to trust each other and work together to overcome an enemy that threatens to destroy both of their communities. 

Icarus and Velvet is a dystopian fantasy for teens and upwards. It has just been released (November 2022) and is gathering great reviews. Visit ZunTold.com or your local independent bookshop to get your copy and prepare to be swept into their world. 

Part 2 will be coming soon.


‘Icarus and Velvet is a Kate Wiseman masterpiece! … What an exhilarating ride!’ WRD Magazine. The second you start reading Icarus and Velvet you are transported into their world. It’s a heroic but, at times, heart breaking tale.’ Jess Hempshall

‘Great twist in the final chapter! … I know I’m going to be thinking about the characters and wondering what they would be up to now.’  Scorpio Dreams.