Katherine Wiseman

Kate Wiseman

We Meet Again by Rosie Edwards

Pershore High School

Bullets rained and whistled down from the blood-covered sky and cries from children echoed through the deserted streets of London. The sky was bleeding red and the city was a glowing bonfire as the German planes circled parliament before retreating to bask in their glory.

Police sirens wailed through the crowded streets of London city and headed for the London Thames. Sophie had heard the sirens from her terrace and wondered what it could have been, so she silently followed the flashing lights of the police. To her surprise, the police stopped right by the Thames and she couldn’t help but wonder what had happened; but that’s when she saw it… pale white hands, blood seeping out of the chest, a face of shock! Someone had been murdered…

Charlie Smith (a world famous detective) was called straight to the scene. Smith had seen many deaths before this, but something was strange about this murder… I guess he would just have to wait and see Sergeant Aidan approached Smith with information on the woman who was lying dead on the muddy banks of the Thames. “So this is Danielle Simons, she is 28 and is from London and we believe that she had shot herself in the head.”

“It’s a good guess, but…”
“But what?
“You’re wrong”
“What how?”

“Her bag is on her left shoulder so she could easily get things out of it with her right
hand, she has writing on her left hand which shows she wrote it on with her right
and her nail polish on her right hand is messier than on her left hand. This clearly
indicates that she is right handed and as you can see the bullet hole in the left side of
her head so wouldn’t it be a bit of a hassle to shoot your left side with your right hand?”
“Yes you’re right, so what happened?”

“She was trying to protect herself from something. Now is there anything else we know about her?”
“Yes she was a fan of mud larking and came here very often” Smith began to scan the bank to see if anything could give them a clue, until he saw a phone lying near Danielle. He carefully picked up the phone whilst wearing protective gloves and studied the phone carefully. Smith opened the phone and the
message he saw startled him. It simply said: ‘YOU’RE NEXT!’

“Do you remember this case from a couple years ago?” Smith asked, “ His wife and daughter were devastated but the killer was never found. Danielle was the daughter and we believe the killer is now after the wife. The family history stretches back to the 1940’s when Danielle’s grandfather owed some money but couldn’t pay back, so he killed the eldest son of the killer’s father out of a fit of panic.” “So the killer is out to get revenge” “Not only that but he killed Danielle with the same WWII bullet that killed his brother…”